El Viejo Almacén:

The Viejo Almacén building dates from 1798, during which the first 40 years it functioned as a General Store (Almacén de campaña). In 1840 it was transformed into the British Hospital and later, at the beginning of last century the place was sold and transformed into a bar where the bohemians started to gather to hear this new popular music. During 1969, Edmundo Leonel Rivero, one of the most popular Tango singers of Argentina, bought again the building with the idea of preserving this traditional place as the Temple of the Tango. The Viejo Almacén was born. A pleasant Tango ambience, genuine tango, good wine and the art of good eating at this very corner of town.

El Viejo Almacén
Esquina Carlos Gardel:

International cuisine, nice atmosphere exquisitely decorated in Art Nouveau style, faithfully recreating the sophistication of the most luxurious saloons of old times, an artistic proposal of high level in a mystical atmosphere to make this experienca an unforgettable night.

Esquina Carlos Gardel
Señor Tango:

When you enter Señor Tango, you feel as if you were in another country or, rather, another era in Argentina. A past era when first-rate art and culture, industries and technologies were generated. Señor Tango is like an island begotten by the heart and mind of an 18-year-old boy come to the big city from Pigüé, in the Buenos Aires province, to start singing with a legendary orchestra conducted by bandoneon player Héctor Varela" Located at a former grocery store dated from the beginning of last century, in Barracas district in Buenos Aires, it is a landmark of Buenos Aires tango culture. International Cuisine a la Carte.

Señor Tango
La Ventana:

At the heart of San Temo district, with the same style of the great tango orchestras of the forties, a group of great masters tango musicians invites you to listen to our excelent porteña music. Passion, fire and charm of the tango dancing are expressed today on the greatest stages in the world. Also performing a folkloric ballet and a band of musicians from the altiplano. In a place and with an excelent service you will be able to taste the most delightful foods, specially our baby beef, with the most fine wines.

La Ventana
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